You know your destination.

Yet, this is often the reality …

“I need more resources, but can’t hire—yet.”

“I want to drive revenue through digital marketing, but have to invest wisely.”

“I need to improve my product’s user experience, but need current design expertise.”

… and so many other needs.

How do I move forward?

By tapping into our infinitely scalable and experienced resource pool.

How We Help

We provide talent versed in go-to-market strategy and execution. People who know how to build and deliver revenue generating programs. Experts in messaging and storytelling. Creatives with a fresh eye for content and UI/UX design. Skilled resources who enrich your team with knowledge gained from engagements with the world’s best companies–AWS, Cisco, Dell/EMC, Oracle….

Resources ready to deliver results.


Rather than hiring consultants from one agency and creative services from another,
we are a single source for both.

Combining consulting and design in a hybrid model speeds execution and streamlines go-to-market.
Our model capitalizes on the gig economy movement and includes talent and services across all marketing,
user experience, and sales enablement functions.

Messaging and Positioning

Go-to-Market Strategy

Lifecycle Marketing

Sales Enablement

Partner Marketing

Consulting Resources

Why: “I want to add full or part-time skills to my team so I can scale.”

How: C&Z has hundreds of skilled marketing and communications experts ready to engage.

What: Contract resources ready to strategize, plan, execute, and measure.

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Managed Marketing Services

Why: “I want outcomes without having to manage all the people and processes.”

How: We deliver results with a blend of talent we manage for you.

What: Fixed fee outcomes from skilled resources working together.

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Project-Based Deliverables

Why: “I just need a single asset or set of assets refined or created.”

How: C&Z builds just what you need, when you need it.

Marketing and sales enablement assets at a fixed price.

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